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At Living in Your Dream, students will first perform the necessary inner work that maps-out their life purpose to essential areas in their life. When we live with power and purpose, there is no competition because the universe unveils our unique path towards success. Also, by focusing on “goals with soul,” we can feel more satisfaction in our day-to-day activities while at the same time contribute to the larger dream of co-creating Heaven on Earth. 

Attend a free 30 min. consultation, as the next logical step in fulfilling your purpose.

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Crossing the River

What is the Map2Heaven?

Betty Bethards

“From the beginning of time, humankind has had a direct line to the divine mind. Each of us has an inner treasure map with a marked path to lead us to our ultimate destination. When we hear truth, we recognize it immediately and understand. When we understand that this map within us always contains the perfect direction we need to be taken in our lives, we begin to develop our abilities to tap a higher source of guidance and insight.”

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Sat on the Rocks


Finding Your Power and Purpose

By Chris Clouse

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A sincere and heartwarming book that offers a steadfast alternative on people who are longing for self fulfillment. The book has constructive alternatives that enables the readers to channel and explore their inner attention to unknown spiritual foundations. A very informative book that will really help those people who are seeking for some divine intervention. Indulge yourself in discovering your inner strength and perhaps alter the center of your consciousness through this book!

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